Leaders of HVN

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Cathy Spagna

Cathy is a graduate of Pace University and holds a BS degree in Business Administration. She is the driving force and President behind Hudson View Network. Cathy prides herself on the fact that she is a woman who has been able to climb the ranks in the business world. Cathy has had well over two decades of recruitment experience. Over six years ago, she decided to focus on medical recruitment. Cathy realized that she had a passion for this niche. She is a fearless leader who is never afraid to go toe to toe with any of her competitors. Cathy is always ready to listen to all her clients’ needs and her candidates’ dreams. Cathy’s philosophy in business has always been that the client is always right and that it’s hers and her employees’ job to do everything they can to fulfill all and any of her clients’ needs. Cathy believes that recruitment in not a 9 to 5 job; it has to be attended to 24/7. She expects nothing less than the best from all her employees. Cathy is often praised for her no-nonsense approach and her commitment to client satisfaction.
To contact Cathy, call 845-675-7818 or email cathy@hvncareers.com

Jack (Yehuda) Katz
Chief Executive Officer

Jack is a young, driven professional with a passion for sales and closing deals. He joined our workforce straight out of Fairleigh Dickinson University, and in short order became a powerhouse in the recruitment industry. Jack came to us from the accounting world to try his hand at recruitment and now has more accounts and candidates than anyone else in our office! He is now a Partner of Hudson View Network Inc. Jack’s natural ability and talent for weeding out the needle in the haystack as it applies to candidates and job searches is his forte. He is also a master at the art of the deal. Jack works constantly, servicing his many accounts throughout the United States. His motto is “why put off for tomorrow what you can do today!” That is why he is so successful at what he does and such an important member of our team. Jack is always available to assist with any of your staffing needs, as well as having the uncanny ability to help any candidate find that perfect dream job.
To contact Jack, call 845-675-7818 or email jack@hvncareers.com

Felice Malovany
VP of Recruitment

Felice Malovany is a graduate of The University of Buffalo and holds a BS degree in Business Administration.  She is the Vice President of Hudson View Network.  After spending several years in sales and marketing, Felice set her sights on recruitment, exclusively for the healthcare industry.   Due to her passion for medical recruitment along with her networking skills, Felice secured some of the most prestigious accounts in the medical industry.  Her strengths reside in her sharp analytical skills and overall ability to effectively communicate with clients as well as candidates. Felice is adept at zeroing in what the client really wants and analyzing what the applicant truly brings to the table.  She is a master “matchmaker” when it comes to medical recruiting!  Felice approaches each search that she oversees with exuberance, forthrightness and the highest quality of professionalism.
To contact Felice, call 845-675-7818 or email felice@hvncareers.com