Candidates Testimonials

“I am writing this letter to you Cathy, to let you know how grateful I am that your recruiter, __________ contacted a couple of months ago. It’s been a whirlwind of change since then, and the changes are good! Truthfully, I was not considering a new job when she initially contacted me for the Nurse Manager position, but the more she told me about the opportunity, the more I admit my curiosity grew. Now here I am at a brand new facility, which sure beats the last place I worked at. I feel like my clinical strengths are being utilized much better here, and I am finding the staff to be wonderful to me. It is a pleasure coming to work everyday, and I don’t know if I would have said that about my previous employment. She was right, that recruiter! It was difficult taking the risk, but I am so glad I did. I am so much happier now! Thanks so much for reaching out to me.”

“Hello, I am following up with you after being placed at ________ Hospital by one of your recruiters, ___________ last Fall. The job is going very well. They did offer me that $10,000 salary increase like you said they would. I am thrilled to finally be able to save some of my earnings! I always knew I was underpaid, but with the job market being what it is, I never thought to look elsewhere. When ________ contacted me for the evening Nurse supervisor position, I figured it would be worth checking out, but never did I imagine it would be quite as great of a career move as it has proven to be. So grateful she called, and so grateful I got that message and called her back. This new opportunity is truly a life changer for me.”

“Felice, you are the best! I love working for Mr. _________’s facilities! He is a wonderful employer and knows how to keep his staff very happy, which is why he is so adored. I truly appreciate that you considered me for this opportunity. I am honored to work for such a prestigious and positive growth driven healthcare company. It is a gift that fell into my lap! Thank you.”

“I have to say that your recruiters were persistent…I didn’t return the calls right away, but eventually I picked up the phone and called back. Boy am I glad I did! With this new job, I am finally doing the type of work I have always wanted to do. AND I am receiving a benefits package that I have only dreamt about! Cathy, you were right about what you said to me that day you finally got me live on the phone…you quoted Boris Pasternek saying “When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is very easy to miss it.” Thank you Cathy, for not letting me miss this one!”

“It’s been one year since your recruiter ___________ contacted me and I often think about how much can change in so little time. I was recently promoted at the facility you placed me at and was offered a very substantial raise in salary. I am truly appreciated for my strengths here, whereas at my last job, the place was a mess, and career growth would have been very difficult. I am thrilled to be a part of something much better now. Very proud to say I work at _____________ and I tell all my nurse friends to contact Hudson View Network if they are looking for a leg up! Your recruiters really did a phenomenal job getting me the job of my dreams. Much sincere gratitude! “